Log Cabin Suppliers Wirral

From our Liverpool base just across the Mersey we can offer clients living in the Wirral probably the finest selection of interlocking garden log cabin style timber buildings in the UK.

Our garden shed business has been supplying building to Wirral for over 30 years and naturally we progressed into the larger summerhouses and now logcabins.

The word Log Cabins is in fact a bit misleading as 95% of so called logcabins are really a modern version of a heavy duty summerhouse .

With timber thickness averaging 44mm and 70mm these have become the industry standard . Although they are reasonably substantial they are certainly not logs .

Cheap Log Cabins Wirral

We are now even seeing some of the leading discount log cabin suppliers trying to sell 19mm logcabins ?   That is not much thicker than a basic garden shed yet some fancy words on a web site convince people into believing they are buying log cabin . What you are actually getting is a light weight summerhouse renamed to a logcabin and not much more .

We are a hands on traditional manufacturing business . We manufacture over 80% of our building in the North West and are main agents for all leading European Log Cabin manufactures.

With this much experience and product availability it is likely you have found theist log cabin suppliers in the Uk and certainly on the Wirral .

We will price match any likes for like quality log cabin apart from the low grade 19mm and 28mm as they are simply more problems than its worth in our experience .

Made To Measure Log Cabins / Summerhouses

This is where you will find us to be miles ahead of any other suppliers , we like making one off special sizes and shapes . the big online discount boys simply can not cope ! because it requires time , knowledge and experience to know what is and what is not possible . They can not do that .

As with every thing in life it is all down to money and you only get what you pay for . We are simply not interested in the budget end of the market place ,rather the middle to top end .

Our Services

Virtually unlimited really – our self employed fitting / erecting teams can take on many tasks from fencing / decking / base laying and cabin erecting

What we suggest is you spend a bit of  time browsing the net and see what catches your eye .

What Shape you want ?

What size you want ?

What timber thickness ?


Wirral Log Cabin Images

Wirral Logcabins

Wirral Logcabins

5m x 5m Log Cabin with full length windows painted light blue

BBQ Huts Wirral

BBQ Huts Wirral

Premium BBQ Hut on decking area

Dutch Barns Wirral

Dutch Barns Wirral

Heavy Duty Dutch Barn Style Shed / Workshop

Wirral Timber Office Suppliers

Wirral Timber Office Suppliers

Deluxe insulated garden offices made to measure

Logcabin with attached store

Logcabin with attached store

Secure bike store attached to planning compliant log cabin summerhouse

Then when you have a short list let us have your ideas by using the contact form below or our direct email – info@liverpoolcabins.co.uk

Remember you are only limited by your imagination and your budget


Log Cabin Prices
£50 / £100 Cash Back Deal