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What is a twin skin log cabin?

The phrases ‘twin skin log cabin’ and ‘dual walled log cabin’ relate to a log cabin design, which is made-up of two layers with a gap in-between for insulation to be installed. Insulation is important for any cabin-home or storage facility, as is allows for warm temperatures, better circulation of air, damp-proofing and added vapour control. It is a marvellous design; perfect for cabins that will be used as offices, summer-houses and play rooms – or even residential, garden homes.

The space between the walls can also be used to service the log cabins with electricity, lighting, computer cabling and water supply. We can ensure that the roofs and floors are also insulated so as to give premium performance from your new garden furnishing.

From the perspective of our expert engineers, the twin-skin log cabin is a craftsman’s delight and an example of brilliant science. Through the centuries, log cabin builders have passed-down the well-known technology that is fundamental for this type of cabin to work, where pairs of logs interlock at traditional corner joints with other logs.

Log cabins, in order to be able to live outside, need to be erected with care and with the knowledge that timber – by its very nature – must be given room to breathe within any structure. Twin skinned log cabins can have structural flaws if not enough room has been given to the logs between the layers, allowing them to expand as they grow in the open air.

When building the cavity wall cabin, or twin skin, it is of utmost importance that the design allows the logs to swell and contract and for the inner and outer walls to remain totally independent form one another. In our work shop, features such as windows and doors are specially formulated in order to accommodate the movement in the logs and the expanding and shrinking of the log cabin dimensions throughout the seasons.
Human preference for living in constructions made of natural logs is longstanding and well documented.Around the year of 1500, one tale from log building folklore says how a master of the Teutonic Knights made it essential that a wooden structure be built into his stone castle in order to give it a homier feel. Thousands of log cabin buildings built in the same period still stand strong in Scandinavia and The Balkans.

Throughout Europe, each country developed its own distinct way to build wooden structures – from the dovetail-joined cabins of Germany to the square log homes of France. But when these inspirations were transported into the modern age, Scandina’s style of round logs with cut corner notches triumphed.
Today, log cabins have evolved to be whatever the user wants, without compromising on security and longevity of such a historic home-building technique. The twin skin log cabin has been a recent addition to such a long-line of designs; and therefore the best and most mature.

With us, you can be guaranteed that you will only ever get products built with utmost expertise and craftsmanship. The twin skin is perfect for those homes wanting an area to relax, work or live in, as well as the ideal storage location for prized personal belongings, such as vintage cars, old paintings and well-loved furniture.

Our twin skin system

Liverpool  Log Cabins supply twin skins in 3 wall log thicknesses and in a range of different sizes. Our twin wall system is not only amazingly strong, but it also surpasses the usual thermal values of a run-of-the-mill log cabin. The cavity between the walls is a brilliant way to keep your building free from damp, moss and aging, and is perfect at making your log cabin’s rooms toasty during the colder months.
Our cabins can be fully ‘winter-ised’ as a twin skin, so that it can be used even in the coldest climates, ensuring that frost, rain and snow keep out.

Our twin skin cavity can be utilised to run fire-proof canal throughout to house to hide those ugly slack wires. Plus with our unique twin skin design you can hide away all those unattractive water pipes too – mostly at no extra charge (call us to find out more). We can happily implement designated holes into the inner wall for electric switches and sockets as well as install warm-wood flooring so that your cabin can really become a wonderful home.

For years, people have been making-do with twin skin cabins that let thermal warmth out, and damp in, through doors and windows that have not been properly tailored for purpose.
Windows and doors

The weakest link on a twin skin as far as concealing warmth is concerned is the windows and doors. Our work shop and experienced team, based in Central Liverpool, have worked tirelessly to amend the issue that is heat escaping from any log cabin, regardless of the single-skinned doors or windows involved. For this reason, we pledge to use only the best windows and doors that are on the market and build only those which have the utmost staying power.

Our range include expert locking systems and the finest, naturally thickest wood to ensure that no garden moisture gets through, and no warmth escapes. Choose from double-strength doors and double-glazing at minor extra cost for the benefit, or simply stick with adding rubber weatherproof seals to make sure your log cabin lasts the course.
What we offer

In an increasingly busy world, where work/life balance is hard to achieve, making some outdoor space and working from home could be a great solution. Alternatively, should you be someone who finds it difficult squeezing-in time for exercise during the busy nine-till-five hours, why not consider your own back-garden gym?

Twin Skin Log Cabins have often been used for these purposes, because they offer great luxury and durability, an amazing long-life design, and an insulated place where valuable equipment and furniture can be safely and securely stored – without the worry of any damp or damage!

These log cabins provide the perfect low-moisture environment and our great range of designs means you can get this plus a fantastic-looking addition to your home. Our cabins come in a range of sizes and with a range of different features. We offer:
– all of our designs in a dual wall option. Not only giving you an insulated cavity but giving you a tidy cabin with all electric cables can be hidden in the walls,
– We offer a full no obligation consultation and site visit to advise you on your best option. as timber is a living breathing creature it will always have movement, which is why getting expert craftsman to build and construct your log cabin is essential.

Twin skin log cabins in sizes:
– 4.0m x 5.0m
– 7.7m x 4.5m
– 8.5m x 3.5m
– 8.0m x 5.0m
– 5.0m x 4.0m
– 5.5m x 4.0m

Versatile and long-lasting for whatever your needs, these buildings allow exquisite space, whether used as a games room for the kids, as a spacious and stylish lounge area for friends or as your very own paramount storage facility.

All are made from the finest woods from the UK and Scandinavia, so you can enjoy natural freshness and feel secure in the knowledge that the materials we use are of the highest, organic quality; rich in colour, beautifully fragrant and all with stallion strength to withstand the strongest storms.

Whatever feels right for you, we can get it built quickly and expertly with our Liverpool Log Cabin’s bespoke building service, where you design what you want from scratch to finish. Customise your cabin with adding extra windows, doors and rooms and choose from tiered or flat roofing to suit your tastes.

You can even add a veranda, allowing you to enjoy nature a little closer. Or perhaps you’d prefer full-length decking, to give you that outside, quality space for relaxing? Choose from creating your own relaxation haven, with open space and lots of lighting, or perhaps you’ve always wanted to give your family a games room with access all year round?

Enjoy a twin skinned roof at your fancy. The roofs of our range can be built with two layers, with the inner layer best fit for insulation and the outer layer for strength and protection. Use this additional space for storage and also add a great-looking exterior feature to your cabin, with our roofs coming in a wide selection of shapes and sizes.

Either way, with our customisation and personal design service, you can get it now and have a twin skin, light, airy and fresh new room for your household.

Twin skin building and implementation

Before putting up the twin skin log cabin, a solid foundation must be laid to ensure the strength and durability of the building. The ideal base would be on level concrete, or paving slabs with a gravel base as only a level foundation will ensure a stable, faultless assembly of a UK Log Cabin’s cabin. And, yes, we can do all this for you too!

Our wide range of twin skin log cabins are manufactured from the highest grade of wood, can be divided into has rooms and a handy upstairs storage area.

Often your garden building will be free from planning permission criteria as it will be viewed as a real extension to the property you own. The installation of a garden room provides not only the practical garden office, studio, gym or leisure facility, but a beautiful addition to the outside space of your home.

To maintain the quality and look of your cabin, we highly recommend that that you take time to re-treat any exterior wood parts within six months of installation, and then every year following that. This re-staining of the wood keeps your home protected and appearing as new for decades. We can personally recommend how to do this without damaging or weakening the wood, as well as the best products to use for best maintenance.

Furthermore, our sturdy log cabins can be up and running for your use within weeks of making your well-advised order! Check out our delivery page to find out more, or give us a call to discuss.

What we promise

Since 1990, UK Log Cabins has been providing safe, secure and beautiful wooden structure across Britain. Whether you are searching for a fully-fledges home to place in your spot of British countryside, or whether you are simply looking for a storage facility to save space in your home, we are here to help. We can advise the best cabin for you and your family, we can customise every element of your building, get it delivered hassle-free within weeks and fully implement it for you. Great service from start to finish, guaranteed.

With multiple designs made for hundreds of uses, you can certainly find something that suits your fancy and which completes your home. From more elaborate two-storey wooden homes to the simple timber storage areas, we stock all of it on this website and at our main site in Liverpool.

From hot tub enclosures, to smaller games rooms, our service has been designed with individuality in mind. Everyone requires something different and has different ideas about their ideal garden home. These buildings really can be used for any purpose, and we’re ready and available to advise on how we can help you get the most from your garden cabin. Check out our bespoke ordering service to talk about your exact requirements