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Strong Timber Workshops

Heavy Duty Timber Workshops

Strong timber workshops Manufactured in UK using 22mm Thick Cladding.Compared with most of our competitors who Generally use 12mm Thick Shed Timber and call it a timber workshop.

We offer a range of strong quality timber workshops in a selection of Timber Thicknesses and designs with vast majority complying to the UK’s latest planning regulations, keeping the building under 2.4m max height.

Comparing Timber Workshops

Here at Liverpool Cabins, we only manufacture and stock good quality solid heavy duty timber workshops for sale . They are Not to be compared with the cheap online garden sheds some suppliers call a timber workshop. These so called timber workshops are only garden sheds and will not take the wear and tear of the traditional Heavy Duty timber workshop we produce.
With this in mind, please ensure you fully read the specifications of the building you have been quoted for or seen advertise as a timber workshop .

Discount Timber Workshops

The trouble with dealing online is that most of our competitors are agents or are home-based suppliers. We actually make all our products in our own factory where you can come visit us and see them being made.
Our timber workshop factory is based in Liverpool, Merseyside L10AH

We get phone calls every day from customers saying they have just seen 10 x 8 Timber Workshops for some silly Price compared with one of ours. It is only when you actually look closer at these so called timber workshops and see what they are made out of. You can actually see that the engineering and quality of the materials used is far inferior in everyway. Basically they are garden shed’s which have been given the name of ‘timber workshops’ so they can make more profit on it.

Timber Workshops For Sale

Here at Liverpool Cabins, we pride ourselves on using only the best high quality Heavy Duty Cast and Galvanised Hinges. We also use a range of timber thickness with our most popular being our 22mm (ex25mm) thickness.

Only quality materials used in all our timber workshops

The reason we say ‘ex 25mm’ is because it has been one of the biggest cons in the timber industry for years where people are allowed to quote the the ‘Pre-Machined’ size of the timber rather than the ‘Actual’ size. This is also why a lot of people see similar buildings to ours which are cheaper when in fact they are getting a building which which is a lot less thicker than ours (30% less thickness in some cases).

Bespoke Timber Workshops

With our Bespoke timber Workshops, you can select the door and window positions which can pretty much be placed anywhere in the building within reason. Some buildings require no windows for security reasons or the type of work they are conducting in the workshop.None of this is a Problem to us , we are only to pleased to help and get you the building that really suites your needs.

Why People Buy Timber Workshops

As a lot more people are opting to work from home with their small businesses, the cost of a decent Heavy Duty Workshop soon pays for its self compared with the high building lease costs of today! You dont get much now days for £100 per week – £5000 per year in Rent. yet you will get a lot of Workshop for that sort of Money and its yours for ever!

12×20 Timber Workshops
12ft Wide Timber Garden Workshop with Double doors

Planning Regulations

When it comes to Garden Workshops, you also need to be aware of the latest Planning Regulations regarding certain structures. A lot of suppliers neglect to inform you about this and if you do end up breaking these regulations, you can be heavily fined for doing so.The Basic Guidelines are that the Building must be kept under 2.5m Total Height and be less than 30 sq meters in total.
Here at Liverpool Cabins, we make it an utmost priority to make sure you adhere to these regulations but if in any doubt, please contact us for full guidance.


If you are looking to purchasing Timber Workshops, you can complete our inquiry form here and one of our specialist advisors will call you back at a time convenient for you. Alternatively, you can call us anytime on any of the following contact numbers 0151 709 0969 or 0161 408 0965.


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