Log Cabin Summerhouses

The traditional Summerhouse as we know it has changed so much love the years , we are now simply spoilt for choice .

Basic budget shed like structures with a few extra windows ? or a premium interlocking summerhouse ?

It will be simply down to what catches your eye and how much money you are prepared to pend on your new summer-house .

Different Quality Summerhouses

As with most products we buy nowadays summerhouses come in may different grades and qualities .

We can offer you any thing from a traditional 12mm Tongue +Grove sectional 8ft x 6ft summerhouse to a 70mm thick interlocking log cabin style summerhouse .

You need to firstly thing what you really what to use this building for ? As that it self will determine what you end up with . If it is only a small building and something you will use only a few times a year , then a sectional summer house will be best for you .

However if you intent to use the building on a more regular basis , especially during our cold winter months . Then you will need to be looking at a much better grade of summerhouse such as a 44mm log cabin style or a lined and insulated sectional


What is a Summerhouse

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