Residential Log Cabins

Most of the Residential Log Cabins on this page are suitable for living accommodation or can easily be adapted to that purpose.

Making a Residential Log Cabin A Reality

Residential Log Cabins

We receive over 20 enquires a week from customers dreaming of a lovely new warm “Residential Log Cabin” at the end of their garden or on a plot of land they want to buy ?.

However there is one simple fact that 98% of the time it just will not happen or we should we say the Local Planner will not allow it to happen.

This is mainly due to planing regulations and the stringent rules and regulations now being imposed for all buildings used for residential Purposes

So we have our work cut out just dealing with those enquires alone .

With this in mind Please , Please do NOT get your hopes up as in the Uk and Ireland there very little chance of you ever getting permission .

So at this stage to ask for a Price would be a total waste of each other time ! You may as well as for the price of a 4 door car – they range in price from £8000 to £80,000 , so you see until you know what the planner will allow you to have , you may as well just dream up some  numbers .


residential log cabin


So here at Liverpool Cabins we have created this Residential Log Cabin Page to try to provide you with as much information as possable so as you can make an informed and educated disiction as to how you move forward with your dream.

The biggest issue now days is How the Local Planing Officers view Residential Log Cabins.

Leisurelodge modern twist to an old idea

Have You Got Planning Permission?

It is very important you check with your local planning officer before you commit to a building to be used for residential purposes as there are a lot of rules and regulations you will need to meet.

If only intend to use for the occasional night stay over then a lot of these rules do not need to be met. There are many suppliers around now who will Quote you what seam like cheap prices – BUT a True Residential Grade Log Cabin has a much Higher Grade of Doors and Windows than a Standard Cabin they call a Residential. Just the spec on the Glass alone is far higher due to to Fire Regs.

It is when you install cooking facilities etc do the problems start. However, please check what you can or more importantly, what you cant have as this will save a lot of time and money for all concerned.

The simple fact is most of the so called Residential Log Cabins you now see on the Internet WILL NOT be allowed to be used for Residential Purposes , its that simple.We are shortly introducing a range of similar looking buildings but made in a sectional way that include all the necessary, Vapour Barriers , Insulated to meet the Heat Loss Laws and fully fire proofed.

Please don’t be fooled by some fancy sales man offering you a cheap deal. He may well sell you a building and promise you that it meets all the regulations. The simple fact is if it does not you will be made to take it down and have some very expensive Fire Wood !!!!

Try using this link to the Governments Planing Web Site where you will find a lot of general Guidance relating to Outbuilding issues.

Planning Ahead

In order to avoid any potential issues with planning permission etc, plans need to be ordered and paid for in advance and this usually costs a few hundred pounds which we will of course deduct from any purchase. We are always on hand to offer as much free advise so feel free to contact us anytime should you wish to discuss further.

Any Size or Style

It is not possible for us to show every possible design or product on our website. If you see a product or style of building on any other site – please copy and paste us a link along with your thoughts and ideas and we will be pleased to discus in further your requirements.

A lot of what you actually see on line now are CAD Drawings and not actual buildings them selves. The reason is that a vast amount of variations can be covered by Quality Online Drawings. We have yet to come across a client who has actually said yes thats exactly what i want ! There is always some form of alteration or size change that needs adjusting. That is what we are good at Bespoke – Made to Measure Residential Log Cabins and Garden Rooms.

Our Log Cabin Range

We also stock a wide variety of Log Cabins For Sale and other Garden Buildings such as Cheap Log Cabins, Garden Office, Wooden Garages, Timber Garages, Garden Studios and Garden Workshops.
Deluxe Residential 3 bed Log Cabin one of Many in our Range

Our New Lined and Insulated Sectional Range

This range is fully lined and insulated and will comply with the very latest Planning Regulations for domestic habitation – Most Interlocking Cabins will NOT meet that requirement without major amendments

Cabin Price Guide

Pricing is generally done on an individual basis as there are so may different factors that need to be taken into account.
Just to be given “Outline Planning Permission” means Out line only it is when you go for detailed Permission the fun starts , you will then need to deal with “Building Control” which is completely different department to planning.
To put it as simple as possible these people can easily Double the price of your building by making you implement various upgrades like – Fire Proofing – Increased Insulation – and many other items.
So we can offer you as a very rough Guide prices per square meter from £400 to well over £2100 so as you can see a say a 5m x 5m building giving you 25sq m could cost you from £12,000 to £52,500 for the same sized building.

Mobile Home or Cabin

There are some very grey Areas when it comes to the names above . Traditionally Mobile Homes where classed a structures that could be moved easily if required . The law was exploited by fitting a steel chassis with removable wheels so they where technically “Mobile”
This is NOT the case with and interlocking or sectional cabin and as such will be treated completely differently than a Mobile Home .
Nothing is straight forward in this market place and you must be prepared to spend a lot of time researching the law , especially as it is interpreted differently in each County or Town .

If you are looking for more information on our Residential Log Cabins, you can complete our enquiry form here and one of our specialist advisors will call you back at a time convenient for you. Alternatively, you can call us anytime on any of the following contact numbers 0151 324 1127.