Do I Need Planning Permission For a Log Cabin

Is Planning Permission needed for Garden Buildings

Does my new log cabin need planning permission ?

Basically Yes and No – It al depends on what size and where you site the building in your garden ?

From late 2010 the local planning laws changed in relation to Garden Buildings and Structures in the Uk and Northern Ireland.

The link below with direct you to the full uk government planning portal which covers every thing to do with what you can and cannot have before you need to apply for planning permission . Click Here

But basicly as long as the building is under 2.5m (8ft)And less than 30 square meters it will usually be permited without applying for consent.

A 10m x 3m  / 30ft x 10ft and 2.5m heigh is about the maximum size you will be allowed if closer than 3m to your boundary.
This does increase some what if you move further away from that boundary.
Out Buildings are not permited / allowed forward of the Original House Boundary.

The new Building / Structure must not exceed 50% of the total land area. This must include any extensions you or others may have put on the house that are not original.

The new building / log cabin must not be self contained living accommodation and can not contain any Radio Like Antenna.

Must be single storey only – no balconies or raise platforms over 300mm .

But is always worth while checking on line or with your local planners as in certain areas your local Planners may interpret these guides in a different way . In National Parks , Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites have a completeley differant set of rules and these are far more restrictive than the basic rules.

Also if you house is rented by either a private landlords or housing associations  there may be clauses within the tenancy agreement that restricts the size of build you can erect on their property so please check before you commit to buy.

Simply take your time and do a bit of research – it will save you a lot of money in the long term .

If you are not sure about any thing , please phone or email us and we will find out all the information you will need for you ! This is a Free service with No obligation.

Do NOT start and Building work until you are sure.