Planning Compliant

Planning Compliant Log Cabins

This is a very misleading statement a log of Cabin suppliers use but with out fully explaining its meaning .

What happened a few year back local planning regulations changed to they and simplify  some of our out dated planning laws and al so tighten up on others that have been abused .

For most of you on here looking for a reasonable size  Log Cabin / Summerhouse or Workshop – Shed none of the regulations will effect you .

Very simply you are allowed to have any sort of structure ( tech portable ) like shed , cabin summerhouse or garden room as long as it is no more than 2.5m tall ( 8ft in old money ) . If you intend to have it erected with 2m of ANY boundary to the rear of your property .

You WILL need to apply for planning to site any structure in the front of your property and it is always advised to check before committing to any building as different councils appear to integrated the guide lines in their own ways .

planning compliant buildings

The Reason

Basically to stop any new building you may erect blocking light or casting a shadow on your nabours property . Now some of you are going to say i only have a field next to me or my fence is 10 ft tall ! All well and good , but we do not make the rules of offer you a quick guide to what they are .

Clearly there will always be the odd situation were it is blaitantly obvoius you erecting a structure a bit taller would not effect any one at any time . But this is bureaucracy and our great Civil Service , it is not designed to be flexible

Check out some of planning compliant log cabins 

Permitted Development Facts

To understand permitted development you have to know what “incidental” means

Permitted development rules allow “incidental” buildings such as sheds and summerhouses to be put up without planning permission (as long as they are the correct height. See diagram above). A garden office or a garden studio used for leisure or occasionally used when working at home may well be viewed as “incidental” and hopefully won’t needing planning permission. Whereas a garden office used for business five days a week or a detached utility room plumbed for a washing machine etc may not be viewed as “incidental” by your local authority and they may want a planning application for it.

Note that I use the word “may” because each local authority interprets the permitted development rules differently. Plus, the government doesn’t provide a clear definition of what is an “incidental” building and what isn’t.

A rule of thumb given to me by a planning officer is that an “incidental” building contains things and activities that you wouldn’t keep in the house such as a summerhouse for enjoying the sun or a shed for wheelbarrows and chickens. Also studios, playrooms and summerhouses are usually viewed as incidental.

A garden building will always need planning permission if its primary use is as a bedroom or for obvious 24/7 business use.

So you can’t be sure your building is permitted development without checking with your local authority – unless it is definitely a garden shed that is either less than 2.5m tall or is more than 2.5m tall and positioned at least two metres from the boundary.

Building a Office

If you build an office without planning permission and the council later decides that it needs planning permission, they will ask you to make a retrospective planning application. It is within their power to refuse the planning permission and make you take the building down.

Local authorities are essentially positive about garden offices and other garden buildings so, if you need planning permission you are highly likely to get it.

Important Note

Any building you intend to sleep in or use over night will normally require you to obtain planning permission . Please do not order or pay a deposit on any sort of building you intend to use for this use until you have a official notice from council confining this fact . Verbally one the phone would not stand up in a Court .

It is Your responsibility to obtain such permissions not us the supplier , along with any extra specifactions that may be need to comply with building control .



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