Corner Log Cabins

Strong Corner Log Cabins

Here at Liverpool Cabins, we our proud to offer a range of Corner Log Cabins which can provide that distinct building for your Garden.

Custom corner log cabins

We manufacture our Corner Log Cabins in our Merseyside factories as well as being official agents for some of Europe’s leading Corner Log Cabin manufacturers and suppliers.
This means we always have access to the latest designs and build materials. If you cant see the Corner Log Cabin of your choice, here at Liverpool Cabins we can design a bespoke Corner Log Cabin to your exact specifications and tastes.

We are constantly bring out new ranges to keep up with the ever changing UK garden buildings market so if you don’t see what you want now, it may well be here soon so keep coming back regularly.

Corner log cabins or sectional summer houses

One of our more popular ranges is the Corner Sectional Summer Houses. This range is made in panels similar to sheds and workshops and are reasonably simple to erect. Our 8ft x 8ft Corner Summer House has a glass fibre tile effect roof for a total maintenance free roof.

Cheap Corner Log Cabins

We are full aware there are lots of so called Cheap Corner Log Cabins but cheap is not always the best. At some stage something must be taken from the product to make it cheaper for example thinner framework, lighter hinges/locks and poor general construction methods all help to bring the price down so be careful when you see these Cheap Corner Log Cabins advertised by other retailers.

Our corner log cabin range is limitless –

We also stock a wide variety of Log Cabins For Sale and other Garden Buildings such as Cheap Log Cabins, Residential Log Cabins, Garden Office, Wooden Garages, Timber Garages, Garden Studios and Garden Workshops.

If you are interested in any of our Corner Log Cabins in stock or would like more information on how Liverpool Cabins can build the perfect Corner Log Cabin for you, you can complete our enquiry form here and one of specialist advisors will call you back at a time convenient for you or alternatively, you can call us anytime on any of the following contact numbers 0151 324 1127 .


Garden Office

Garden Office Studio

May be you need your own garden office
Is your work turning you into a grump?
Is your home an extension of the office?
Is everyone wanting a piece of you?
Do you have no time or place to be yourself?
Do you feel there is no hiding place?

We may have the answer – your very own garden office

Work from home with your very own garden office

Well here at Liverpool Cabins, we specialise in quality garden offices to suit every personal need and budget. We can help you bring the soothing words of rest and recuperation into a whole new lifestyle choice.

With one of our quality garden offices, you can not only lower your carbon footprint whilst lowering your stress-levels by utilising the natural space you already have, allowing you to enjoy the withdrawal from the material world to your own green space, in the garden office of your choice.

Creative garden office designs

For our creative and more imaginative customers who require that little extra, we can build garden offices with windows, chimneys, balconies and verandahs.
If you want, you can even design your own interiors or you can request our specialist planners to do it for you. We also supply a huge range of traditional or contemporary furnishings, giving our customers the choice and freedom they deserve!

Should i get my garden office Insulated

If you intend to spend any decent length of time working in your Garden Studio, then theres no point in cutting corners when it comes to insulation and then having to spend vast amounts of money on a monthly basis trying to keep warm with electric heaters.

Garden office bases

We can offer you practical hands on advise on any matter relating to laying a suitable base for your new garden office , what materials you may require and how to actually construct that base .
If the thought of al that heavy lifting and hard work puts you off ! Don’t worry we can sort he whole thing out for you with our complet garden office base laying services.

You need a Suitable Solid Base for your new Cabin or Office so check out some of our Cabin Base Ideas

This is why here at Liverpool Cabins, we can build your garden office so that it operates at its maximum efficiency, regardless of the temperature or season, meaning you will be able to enjoy your cabin in comfort all year round.

Perfectly Designed Garden Office

It is extremely important to understand there are major differences when it comes to Garden Offices.
Some are built to house one person and only require the basic facilities whilst others are built to house a group of people and require additional facilities such as toilets, UPVC doors and windows, storage facilities and kitchen areas etc.

This is why it is important to know the exact reasons for your Garden Office. Is it to be designed so you can just relax away from the stress of everyday life or do you require an outside building that can house a small team of people and the required amount of office equipment etc.

Our Log Cabin Range

We also stock a wide variety of Log Cabins For Sale and other Garden Buildings such as Cheap Log Cabins, Residential Log Cabins, Wooden Garages, Timber Garages, Garden Studios and Garden Workshops.

We Are Here To Help

Here at Liverpool Cabins, we pride ourselves on assisting our customers through the whole process, from design to material selection to completion of build so if you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our specialist advisors, we would love to help.