Micro Buildings

Micro Building
Mini Homes

These mini / micro homes fill a sector of the market place for people looking compact yet practical living space

As with ANY building you intend to use to sleep or stay in over night you will be required to obtain detailed planning consent . For this you will need to PAY ( usually around £400 for a basic application ) and make that application to your local planning office .

They will require detailed drawings of the out side and internal lay out as well as a number of other things such as the look of the extrea , windows , doors , roof covering

They may also ask questions about fire proofing , means of escape and many more things you may simply have forgotten to think about

Just Dream At This Stage

At this very monent in time unless you have gone through the above process owning one of these practical timber micro homes is just a dream !

But from a dream we sometimes get inspiration ?

Be Realistic

Just think of what you would have to say if your nabours was to put one of this things up in their garden over looking you ? Would you be happy , as we know every one is different and will react differently to each event so please consider this before you go jumping in .

Our Price Guide

The prices indicated on the products below are a very basic guide price . As there are so many variations that need taking into account we have just used an average building in that size range .

The prices does Not include fitting , for one very simple reason – unless we can see the ground conditions , how far the fitters will lave to carry the building to site , these and other factors are unknown energies to us so we could only guess at a price

As you can see this will not be as straight forward as you first thought and will require a lot more research and work on your part

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