Timber Garage Range

LV Log Cabins Timber Garage Range

On this page you will find a selection of our premium interlocking timber garages

You will not find another timber garage supplier who can offer you so much flexibility when buying a mid to top of the range timber garage.

No we are not the cheapest or have wanted to be . It is very simple to cut corners and use low grade materials to make out you are supplying a cheaper garage to a competitor.

Over the 30 plus year see have been involved with timber buildings , our experience has told us to stay away from the discount cheap end of the market place. The Ebay’s and the likes only attract problems . People looking for something for nothing most of the time .

Value For Money Wooden Garages

We offer real value for money if you are looking for a well made and designed interlocking timber garage 

We are fully aware of Cheap Timber Garages being offered on discount log cabin web sites along with the fact we are all limited by our budgets . But you simply can not have wine if you only got the money for water !

There is no rocket science used in our business so it is this simple – to make a timber garage cheaper . You use less and lower grade materials – that simple .

Premium Timber Garages

Premium Twin Garage

Premium Twin Garage

Double 44mm Interlocking Premum Garage

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