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This is an amazing building that will make any Garden a pleasure to spend time in.

It is a very tall building so not suitable for a small garden or where it can only be sited within 2 m of your boundary because is a a good 1m taller than local planning laws allow !

Very briefly you can have buildings up to 2.5m tall with 2m of your boundary any taller you will either have to apply for planning or move it further into your garden or yard .

Most of the better looking Clock House Log Cabins are around 3.2m tall for the simple reason to get the ante on the clock tower part of the structure, it simply needs to be that tall .

The next option would be have the compressed version of the traditional Clock House that is under 2.5m tall !

Planning Compliant Clock House Log Cabins

This cabin is basically the same but compressed , squashed down to keep it under that magical 2.5m .

Now in no way does it look the same or will ever be as glorious a building as its Farther – The Traditional Clock House Log Cabin but is simply a compromise . But as with all compromises there are pros and cons .

44mm Clock House Log Cabins

This is the most popular and practical timber thickness we sell in this range

70mm Clock House Log Cabins

A real nice chunky extra strong cabin for those who want that little bit extra

Clock House Log Cabins

3 bay custom made clockhouse

3 bay custom made clockhouse

custom made to order 3 bay clockhouse log cabin

5m x 3m 44mm log cabin clockhouse

5m x 3m 44mm log cabin clockhouse

traditional clockhouse cabin has been erected on timber decking

Aurora style clockhouse cabin

Aurora style clockhouse cabin

Clock House 9

Made To measure

We will be more than pleased to quote you for any sized made to measure, clock house style interlocking logcabin . Simple use the contact form below

So as you can clearly see you are spoiled for choice and it may be time to contact us for a bit more advice .

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