Log Cabin Prices

Garden Log Cabin Prices

How Much is a Log Cabin

We get asked this question hundreds of times every day and we give the same answer over and over again .

It simply depends on what Quality of Log Cabin You want ?

As with any thing we buy nowadays it is available in many different grades and qualities . A simple mobile phone for example .

You can go to Tesco’s and get a pay as you go for £15 or the I Phone shop for £600 . They are both Phones , but clearly you know there is a massive difference in price and the phones quality .

The very same with log cabin prices .

Timber Thickness – Price difference

We now see some online discount log cabin sales web sites advertising 19mm log cabins and we can assure you 100% there is no way a 19mm thick peace of Tongue and Grove could be called a LOG ! But they do and so many of you fall for it . This is no more than a basic summerhouse with shed grade T+G being used .

Even 28mm is being traded as premium log cabins . 28mm is the thickness we use in our floors of our Premium LV Log cabins .

44mm Thick Log Cabin Prices

Now we are starting to get some where , even these 44mm thick interlocking timbers have certain have their limitations and if the truth been known ! You will still have to try and insulate a 44mm log cabin for use in the winter months .

In the coming weeks we will have updated prices on a large selection of our Interlocking Garden Log Cabins in the mean time use the form below to send your inquiry –