Log Cabin Maintenance

Log Cabin Maintenance

Log Cabin After Care

Once your new cabin has been fully erected it is Critical it be fully Treated Externally with a Quality Spirit Based Treatment with 48 Hrs .This can be a clear coat first allowing you to put a Shade over it at a later date.
Because all the timber have been kiln dried , as soon as they start getting Damp or Wet they are likely to expand – This is perfectly Natural and will be fully expected as Timer is a Natural Product and beyond any ones control but Nature .

Natural Shrinkage

This is to be expected as with all Mature Trees they carry a certain amount of moisture even after Kiln Drying , even after selecting before machining it is totally imposable to get a completely Dry Timber Profile.
There for it MUST be expected for some sort of Natural Settlement to Occur , especially once the Building has been erected and made water tight – the amount of natural heat that is generated simply by Body Heat causes the inside temperature to rise and thus the Timber will Move.
This can be expected by up to 3% so 3inches in some cases.
DO NOT panic it is a Natural Occurrence.

The Solution

If a Gap starts to appear say round a window , because the Aperture / Slot the Window is sitting in looks like it has got bigger you need to simply allow a day or so for it to complete its movement . Then you can remove and re adjust the moldings that surround that Window Or Door to cover that gap. As simple as that .
After a few weeks all movement will stop and you can spend many happy hours in your new Building.

Tips To Extend the Life of Your Cabin

Remove any overhanging plant / shrubs that may rub up against your building as these transfer moisture directly into the timber .

Make sure you have as much air as possible circulating around the building especially under neath . Don’t block the ends of the building.

We highly recommend fitting Gutters to both back and front of your building this will stop rain bouncing back onto your building . Also a layer of Gravel surrounding the building is always a good idea for the water to fall into the soak away – rather than it laying onto a concrete or lagged area .

A simple way of testing your building is to use a hose pipe and spray water on to it . If it beads up and rolls away thats Good . If not you have NOT treated it correctly .
Don’t be tempted to use Fencing Grade Timber Treatments – Fencing Panels don not have to be water proof do they ?

Common Cense

final just use a bit of common sence if you see a problem with any product be it a log cain, garden shed or even your car you would deal with the problem rather than leaving it to get more of a problem would you not ?