General Log Cabin Information

Want to build a Log Cabin

General Log Cabin Information

At some time most of us have had a dream of owning our own timber log cabin, wether it be a small back garden log cabin or something a little more plush. Uk Log Cabins can manufacture , supply and erect you that building at a price that will make you happy.

There is no doubt that adding a Garden Log Cabin to your garden or land would be a good long-term investment.

Use our services as one of the quickest and most affordable ways to get that Log Cabin that everybody will admire.

We are not into the cheap discounted sort of buildings you see on the likes of Ebay , far too many issues with those sort of buildings . So if you are looking for a cheap garden cabin and budget is your main concern then this site may not be for you . As we build toa quality and not a price

Sectional or Interlocking Garden Cabins

Sometimes these are called manufactured or sectional log cabins. First, it is important to understand the difference between interlocking and sectional log cabins. The difference might seem trivial, but it is important to understand for a number of reasons.

— Sectional Cabins or Buildings are almost totally constructed inside of a factory fully lined and insulated and then delivered direct to the site. Sectional buildings tend to be of a much higher quality than interlocking cabins. A fully lined and insulated sectional building will cost you from £800 to £1500 per sq meter . We will price each building on an individual basis .

— Modular homes are built on the job site, but from parts that were made in a factory and effectively finished of on site .

Garden Log Cabin Manufacturers

There are lots of things you need to consider when selecting a Log Cabin that are made in one of these two . Consider how these advantages can benefit you when you want to compare summer houses.

They are generally cheaper to purchase than traditionally built homes. But they can also be made to very exacting and precise standards because of the way they are made. They are also a lot cheaper because the production methods are more efficient, not because they are low-quality.

These manufactured homes are also a lot faster to erect than traditionally built homes that have to begin from scratch. Parts can be produced on a modern assembly line. Then they come pre-made to the job site where they are simple to install. You will probably be pleasantly surprised by the short amount of time you will have to wait between ordering your new home and moving in.

You do not have to sacrifice comfort, durability, or aesthetics when you consider buying modular or manufactured summer houses either. You can certainly find companies that will supply great insulation, utility hook-ups, and even modern appliances and accessories. Visitors to your new Log Cabin may never be able to guess that you did not spend a lot of money and take months to construct your new Log Cabin. When they see your attractive house, they might ask you how you managed to come up with the money to build such a nice place.

Why Not Shop For Your New Log Cabin Right Away?

You can view models on the manufacturer’s website. If you can visit a local showroom, you can also view models that are already set up. Simply make your selection and anticipate all the enjoyment you will have with your new Log Cabin. Do not settle for Less! We offer a fully guaranteed service from order to build, call now on 0151 324 1127

Consider A Residential Log Cabins For Your Next Home

Residential log cabins can be a smart choice for your next home or Log Cabins. These homes are made out of high-quality materials, look great, and can be very affordable and quick to build. They can also be a very good green choice if you care about energy efficiency and sustainable building materials.

Why Consider Residential Log Cabins?

When you picture a log cabin, you might think about a small and rustic home you have seen in a museum or photos. Americans tend to associate these homes with pioneers and President Abraham Lincoln. Well, both pioneers and President Lincoln were very smart people, and their choice of logs as a building material was a sensible one. Learn why this can be a sensible choice today.

Logs actually make great insulators. This means that these homes can be heated and cooled efficiently without extra insulation in the walls. Logs can also be a sustainable building materials. This means that the ones you use today do not have to take anything away from future generations. Residential log cabins can be a very green choice.

Timber buildings are also very beautiful. They complement almost any property. This is true if they are constructed in a residential neighbourhood or on a country property. You will be proud to show off your log cabins to your friends and neighbours because they are beautiful.

Your main consideration might be the price and ease of getting a building constructed. Because these are usually manufactured or modular buildings, most of the work is done in a factory, according to very strict standards. Parts are delivered to a site where they are installed to make your home.

This is a fast, efficient, and inexpensive way to get a home-built. Many people select these buildings for their homes or second homes because of the cost and speed of construction.

Residential log cabins can be constructed with plenty of modern conveniences too. President Lincoln did not get to enjoy modern AC and heating, electricity, or modern appliances. But you can enjoy these luxuries in your log cabin. These timber homes might remind people of the past, but they are actually quite modern and even futuristic.

You can also customize your cabin. They do not have to resemble the tiny models that you may have seen erected in a museum. They can have multiple rooms, plenty of doors and windows, and sometimes even second floors and balconies. You can have plenty of room to spread out in your log cabin.

Should You Consider A Log Cabin Home?

Some neighbourhoods might not allow this type of construction, so you will have to check before you purchase property. Many manufacturers can help with this too because they understand this issue, and they might even have some success resolving it. Otherwise, a manufactured or modular log cabin can be a smart solution for your living needs. Why not check into the advantages of these affordable and energy-efficient dwellings as soon as possible?

What To Know About Bitumen Roof Shingles

If you are building a new home or replacing your old room, you might take the time to consider different types of shingles. The choice will surely affect the cost, expected lifespan, and maintenance or your new roof. Since the roof protects your entire home, it is very important to make a good decision for the type of house that you have.

Bitumen Roof Shingles

Note that these are also called bitumen shingles in some references. These are actually made from bitumen-soaked paper or fibre glass that has been covered with an aggregate. Sometimes they are also referred to as asphalt shingles. Modern asphalt shingles are the most common type of shingles in the US housing market today. These are generally made with a fibre glass base because the paper-type has an increased fire hazard. The modern type of asphalt shingle is more fire resistant which makes them a popular choice.

bitumen roof shingles are not the most durable type of roofing material on the market. You can certainly expect a longer life span out of heavier materials like tile. After all, some old tile roofs have been around for centuries. But you can expect to have your modern asphalt roof last for decades, and it is easy to replace a few damaged shingles from time to time. Most home owners are happy to have a roof that will last for decades with minimal repairs and cost when they consider the other advantages.

These shingles are very light. That means they are cheaper to transport and haul up to the roof than other materials. Because they are light, they put less of a strain on your home’s frame. Some heavier types of roofing materials actually require an extra support structure. This should not be a problem when you have bitumen roof shingles.

They are also very available because they are so common. You should not have to wait for weeks to have your shingles produced. Most common types can be purchased off-the-shelf. This also means that these common shingles are usually cheaper than other choices. Availability and lower costs might be the two main reasons that they are often chosen by builders for residential properties.

You can also choose from a variety of colours and textures that will complement your home and neighbourhood. In fact, some of the styles you can choose will not look like they are asphalt shingles at all. They can be manufactured to look like tile, stone, wood, and other materials. Nobody will guess they are really common asphalt shingles unless you tell them.

Should You Consider Bitumen Roof Shingles?

If you are putting on a new roof, you should consider the many advantages of this popular type of shingle material. They are inexpensive, easy to get, light, and durable. If you do have damaged shingles, they are usually very easy to replace. There is a reason that fibre glass-based asphalt shingles are so popular, and you should consider these reasons to save money, stress, and your home!

You Have Many Options With Bespoke Log Cabins

When it comes to bespoke log cabins, there are a myriad of choices that are available to pick from. Log cabins are becoming more and more popular for both business and residential purposes. Long gone are the days when log cabins were just small units with little to them. These days they can be large, built for harsh winter weather and equipped with all of the latest gadgets. In short, they are basically smaller versions of a home. Below you will find many of the options available for bespoke log cabins.

Before you do anything about getting a log cabin, you need to decide what size you want. You need to work out the length you want and the width then multiply those both together to get the square feet measurement (or meter squared). This measurement makes it easy to calculate how much wood is likely to be required for the Log cabins. You would then need to work out the additional timber required for the internal walls. Most companies that are selling bespoke log cabins can help you with these calculations. Some log cabins can have up to 4 bedrooms with one of them having an en suite bathroom. While a smaller cabin may just have the one bedroom.

There are three types of bespoke cabins available these days. The first one is to order everything off a company and have them build the foundations and cabin, and then once complete, install all of the fixtures and fittings; this is the most expensive option. The second option is to use what is called the halfway method, this is when the cabin is delivered nearly finished and it is then up to the customer to install the plumbing and electrics. Once that is complete, the company will then complete the build. The final option is the self-build kit, where the customer does all of the work; this is the cheapest option.

Further thought must be given to the type of outer wall that you will require. You usually have a choice of interlocking Pine logs, or Larch wood panels. These are supplied in different thickness’, and although it will cost more it is always advisable to select the thickest to give the cabin more stability.

Depending on the area that the log cabin will be located will decide whether or not insulation is required. If the cabin will always be in a warm location then it is unlikely that you will need insulation, but if temperature drops below 10C then you should make sure that it is installed. Installation will not only be installed in the walls, it also needs to be under the floor and in the roofing.

The roof covering can be tiles, and there is usually a wide selection of these available. Some people will opt for the felt solution which is cost-effective, waterproof and easy to install. The final option is to have shingles, which gives you the choice of various colours.

Bespoke log cabins mean that you have a very unique building and they will last for many years. So if you are considering a log cabin, take a look at the bespoke options.

The Advantages of Timber Garages

Timber garages, and all sorts of timber buildings, have become an increasingly popular alternative these days. This is because these high-quality wooden garages are affordable, quick to construct, durable, and also great to look at. With these advantages to consider, it is hard to see why anybody would choose another garage solution.

How Are Timber Garages Made?

The construction of these timber garages usually starts in a workshop. Parts are made to exactly standards by trained and experienced local workmen. These building parts are delivered to a work-site. Then they are actually installed on the property very quickly. Most timber garages are considered a type of modular building, and this is a very progressive way to build today.

Choose Timber Buildings For Cost, Speed, and Ecology

This hybrid method of manufacturing part of the building in a factory and installing it on a building site is very efficient. This can reduce the costs to the buyer and the amount of take it actually takes to get a completed building. But because these building parts are made in a workshop, quality can be controlled better too. Every piece is made to exactly standards.

The cost and speed of manufacture are not the only advantage to timber garages. Timber is a classic building material, and it has been used for most of human history for a variety of very good reasons.

— Timber is a great insulator.
— Timber can be sourced in an ecologically sustainable way.
— Timber is beautiful.

If you care about the environment and your own utility bills, you should consider getting a timber garage. While these buildings can be outfitted with powered lights, appliances, and even temperature control systems, they already come with insulating walls in the form of natural wood!

This timer can be sourced in a sustainable way too. This means that there will be plenty of timber for your buildings. There will also be plenty of timber around when your children or grandchildren need to build.

The wooden garages are also quite beautiful. They should complement the look for of your property. In fact, other customers have purchased these buildings to get erected by their homes, summer properties, and even country clubs. You can be sure that your timber garage will be a building you will be proud to show off to your friends and neighbours. Nobody will ever need to know that your wooden building started out in a factory.

Why Not Learn More About Timber Garages?

The advantages of building a timber garage should convince you to learn more about this sensible construction solution. These durable, ecologically friendly, and beautiful buildings are also very affordable and quick to build.

Timber buildings might remind some customers of the building materials of the past, but these buildings are made in a very modern way. They can even include modern utilities and appliances. Modern windows and garage doors are also part of these wooden garages. Historical wooden garages did not come with garage door remotes, but these can!

uk-logcabins can offer you the Largest range of Timber Garages , and garage doors for sale that come with Basic 7ft Wide Double Timber Garage Doors as standard , any wider will require a quote depending on width required. Up and Over Steel Doors are Extra cost.

Do Log Cabins Have To Meet Building Regulations And Codes?

You may not wish to hassle with local government building codes and regulations in order to get a new building installed on your property. Did you know that in many places these regulations do not apply to small buildings that are lower than a specified height? For example, you are entitled to construct a small shed on your property without seeking approval or paying fees. This law also applies to small log cabins. These cabins are still large enough to provide room to work, live, or store your valuables.

Consider a Log Cabin 2.5 Meters Tall or Less

These buildings simply have to be under two and a half meters tall in order to be excluded from building code rules. This gives most people plenty of room to have a nice log cabin constructed on their property with much less hassle. Your one story log cabin can still accommodate tall people with 2.5 meters of clearance.

Unless you plan to host a visiting professional basketball team, you should be fine. If you do plan to host very tall people in your compliant log cabin, you will have to ask them to duck and sit.

These cabins are still quite roomy. In fact some very popular models can be several meters wide and several meters long. The building code restrictions only affect the height. They can be used as summer homes, guest houses, art studios, and even garden offices.

Why Construct A Log Cabin On Your Property

Imagine all of the uses that you could find for an extra building on your property. You could use it as a retreat to write, work on your projects, or even run your business. Many people even purchase these small log cabins as summer homes or even permanent homes.

It is possible to have them wired with all of the modern conveniences that you would expect to find in any building. Yes, you can enjoy electric lights, the Internet, heating, air conditioning, and appliances. Even though your log cabin will have an attractive rustic look, it does not have to be primitive at all.

In fact, these cabins are constructed by local craftsmen to very high standards. Only the very best timber is used in their construction too. Even though some people associate log cabins with primitive living, they can also be very progressive. Did you know that logs are a great insulator. They can keep a building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Consider A Log Cabin For Your Property

Now that you know that you can have a shorter log cabin built that is under 2.5 meters tall, you also should understand that you will not be hampered by building restrictions. These buildings are also very affordable and quick to get built and installed on your own property. They are a sensible and progressive solution when you need to add a building to a property. They are also a good way to add extra space and value to your own home.

Building And Managing A Productive Home Office

One of the most incredible things about being in nearly any business today is that you can run it from the comfort of your own home. The commute is brief and convenient and much more of your time is your own. Setting up an office in your house though isn’t always as easy as it may seem. Make your first investment one of time and effort in putting together the most comfortable and efficient working environment.

Setting Up Your Home Office

Most experts advise you to start with the basics, unless you have a lot of excess money to throw around. Consider the basic functions of your office and how you can set it up to run at maximum efficiency, rather than focusing on aesthetics. You will need a desk, filing cabinet and electronic equipment. Arrange it all in close enough proximity so that you can do anything right from your chair.

If you are fortunate to have a complete room to yourself, make sure you let the sunshine in. Trying to achieve your business goals in a dark musty area isn’t very wise. Studies constantly emphasize the value of adequate lighting in a work environment. If there aren’t any windows, use an overhead that brightens the entire room. While a desk lamp may seem suitable, it can actually encourage you to slouch down into the small area of light. You’re much better off and likely to be more productive with ample overhead lighting.

Speaking of slouching, the chair that you’re going to be sitting in for hours on end should be conducive to good posture and take care of your back. Even if you’re on a budget, pick up a supportive chair at a yard sale or consignment shop until you can buy something new. At the end of an exhaustive day, an aching back is the last thing you need. Consider the ergonomics of your desk as well, by equipping it with wrist support if you will be tapping away on a keyboard for any length of time.

Communications equipment is an integral part of your home office, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be top of the line either. As with your decor, basic is sufficient unless or until there is spare money to be spent. Since it’s you who is going to be making the most important impressions on the outside world, and not your laptop or mahogany desk, simply facilitate the room with everything it takes to succeed for now.

Running A Home Office Smoothly

A schedule is essential to your success, as is your entire family cooperating with it. Make it well-known when you will be working by posting the schedule on the fridge, hanging a “Do not disturb” sign on your door knob, and not allowing any kind of interruptions other than emergencies. Try to coordinate your daily schedule with the rest of the household, by accounting for things like picking up the kids or dry cleaning. Keep the two agendas separate but equal. Otherwise, you may find yourself constantly interrupted and unable to accomplish much of anything.

Set clear guidelines for your business phone, in order to avoid a professional inquiry being met with a personal statement. For example, you’d rather avoid a toddler answering the line or your teenager telling a caller to try again later because she is waiting for her boyfriend to call her back. Think ahead and either keep the phone off-limits during regular business hours or install a separate line just for your professional purposes.

Depending on the ages of the occupants of your home, you may find it helpful to delegate. Little things that need attention around the house can be taken care of by others, such as cleaning or meal preparations. Knowing that they are taken care of will alleviate the pressure you feel, and give you more time in a day. Just a little bit of help can go a long way too, so let your spouse pick up the milk and bread on his or her way home, rather than you having to go out on a special trip for it. Your family members are essentially business partners in that they can make your office run smoothly or chaotically; delegate to ensure you get the more favorable outcome.

Since time is money, the more successful you become, the more tasks and responsibilities you may want somebody else taking care of. Consider hiring someone to watch the children or walk the dog. A weekly housekeeping visit can make a world of difference both in how your home looks and the extra time you have to use for productive purposes. Weight the benefits and costs as you progress and see how much more you might be able to accomplish on the business side of things if you outsource a little bit more of your life.

Don’t Forget About The Roses

Stopping to smell the roses may not make you money or accomplish much professionally, but taking good care of yourself means being able to take better care of your business. Be sure and schedule “me time” in somewhere during your busy days. Even five minutes spent listening to your favorite song can be enough to keep you going for the rest of the day. Also, avoid burning yourself out by working every waking hour of the day. Remember how important sleeping well and eating right are too, because your health will slow your business operations down faster than a stock market crash. Devote enough of your energy into self-regeneration to keep you in top form for running the most productive and successful office possible.

There really is no place like home, and working from that base can open any number of doors for you professionally. Take the time to put together the most suitable professional environment possible and success will more easily follow. Which is not to say that success will come any easier of course, only after your home office is set up and ready to go does the real work begin.

This is only part of our range of log cabins for sale if you see any log cabins for sale or building timber-framed garage you like else where on the internet , please copy and send the details and allow us to quote for a similar building, our Call 0151 324 1127  for UK Sales Team.

All of our log cabins for sale are available in 6 wall thicknesses, insulated or non-insulated, and with double glazing as standard on most sizes, these cabins are the stars of our range.