L Shaped Log Cabins

Log Cabins L Shaped

As main agents for all the leading brands and manufactures of the Bulldog Log Cabin Range , we are able to offer you a custom made cabin in what is know as an L Shape .

Agin as with all our Cabins and Buildings they are available in a selection of timber thickness and grades . So a lot will simply depend on what your budget is and eventually what you are prepared to spend on this project .

L Shape Logcabins

L Shaped Base

Unless you already have the area ready , you will need to concidor what you intend to site this building on ?

There are lots of issues you need to consider , such as

  • overhanging trees
  • hight restrictions ( planning regs )
  • access for maintenance
  • getting power and the likes to the building

I simple phone call to one of our team of experienced cabin fitters will usually clear up most issues .

We always advise you take a few images and email them to us on – info@liverpoolcabins.co.uk  – before you can so we can get a better idea of what we will be dealing with .

L Shaped Cabins With Single Sloping Roofs

These are far less expensive than the Apex ( Pointed Roof ) version simply due to the complex angles and sealing required of the overall roofs structure .

Having a single slope from say front to back or the other way around even is pretty straight forward and as long as a good quality ( bonded )  roof covering is used you should have no issues for many years . The problems come when you try to start cutting corners using a low grade roof felt or alternative that is simply nailed or buttoned in to place .

These issues will be fully explained during the pricing process and as we stay to the top of this page . You only get what you pay for with any thing in life including a L Shaped Log Cabin 


£50 / £100 Cash Back