Log Cabin Suppliers Glasgow

From our North West base we supply and fit interlocking log cabin style summerhouses to Glasgow and surrounding areas.

Our range is massive and you are only limited by your imagination and your budget !

We don’t sell cheap log cabins – we only sell value for money interlocking log cabin kits and sectional buildings that have been built to a standard and not a price.

If you only have a small budget ( what we would class as under £4000 ) you would quit simply be better looking for a more local supplier or try one of the big discount log cabin suppliers . 

If you are basically looking for something cheap and cheerful in a kit dropped of on your drive way then they are the people for you . However if you are looking for a bit more service , some who can hold your hand ! off load the building and carry it round to where it is being erected and off you advice on the best way to go about erecting it ? Then thats when we leave the rest behind .

We believe in that personal service , we are not faceless wonders . Sales man / woman who get commission based up on selling for a high a price as possible . We will ensure you get the right building for the job you have in mind .

If we think what you are looking for is impractical or simply would not work for you – we will tell you so and would rather loss sale than that provide the wrong building.

Supply and Fitting

Yea re off you a complete service , where we will bring the cabin or summerhouse to your home in the Glasgow area and fully erect it on to your base for a set fee . Log Cabin Fitting Services 

Base laying

If you have not already got a suitable base ready we can advice and even fit the complete base for you !

Check out our base laying services 


Log Cabin Prices