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We can make , supply and erect you any size or shape interlocking or sectional Log Cabin .

We always suggest trying to keep things as simple as possible in the first instance,  have a browse through our site at the nearest standard building that catches your eye .

Moving the doors / windows are not usually a big issue and if possible within that standard building we would not charge. It is only when we have to start making structrurial changes that require the machines to be reset that extra charges come in to play. We have a fantastic range of cabins for sale at real value for money prices .

General Log Cabins

Planing Compliant Cabin

Planing Compliant Cabin

Log Cabin with max hight of 2.5m does not need planning permission

Modern Stylish Cabins

Modern Stylish Cabins

Modern dual wall insulated garden cabins and offices

Clock House Cabins

Clock House Cabins

Planning compliant clock house cabin under 8ft - 2.5m tall

Timber Garages

Timber Garages

Timber Garages with office or living above

Basic Log Cabin

Basic Log Cabin

Small basic garden cabin

Log Cabins With Verandas

Log Cabins With Verandas

3m deep cover veranda on 70mm log cabin

Custom Made Timber Garages

Custom Made Timber Garages

bespoke premium log cabin style timber garages .

Grill Huts

Grill Huts

BBQ Grill Huts for all year round use

Keeping Your Log Cabin Planning Compliant

This is the biggest single issue we come across with custom made buildings. Keeping it under 2.5m if you intend to erect that building within 2m of any boundary around your property.

The internet is flooded with mass produced log cabins and summerhouses that are more than 3m tall, so unless you can move it further away from your fence / boundary it is not a cheap cabin if it cost you lots of money to get planning consent. Just applying for planning does not mean it will be granted so all that cost you will simply lose.


A Basic Garden Log Cabin

Most of the time we find 80% of our clients only need to select one of our stock size and designs of Interlocking Cabin.

Some times it will be a traditional Summerhouse you need and not a Log Cabin. No matter what your ideas are – talk to us we have over 30 years of hands on experience and we will give you straight forward honest advice. Yes we are fully aware there are hundreds on online web sites selling “Cheap Log Cabins” We do not sell cheap cabins only value for money buildings that will give you long term return on your investment.

We are Proud NOT to be the cheapest ! But the Best.

Deep – Wide Log Cabins for Sale

With the planning regs allowing us building up to 30 sq meters your can have a building of say 5m wide 6m long . 5m being about the max size we or any one can make still keeping it under 2.5m yet tall enough to get in and use practically and also be strong enough to hold tons of snow weight during our bad winters .
Once you start trying to get spans over 5m and keeping them under 2.5 m you start having issues . It is still possible but you will have to lose a lot of height at the rear to allow roof to have a greater slope. Also internal beams will have to be much larger / deeper, this also will cause loss of internal hight.

Bespoke Log Cabins For  – Fishing Lakes

Interlocking log cabins in certain shapes become uneconomical  to manufacture to to the amount of time its takes resetting the complex log notching machines, how ever simple things like longer or shorter sections – doors or windows in different positions all of which we can do at a small extra cost .

We are seeing a remarkable increase in the level of enquires from the likes of Angling Centres – Clubs who want to offer their clients a full experience and even offer overnight accommodation due to the growing trend of night fishing in the UK and Ireland.These can be simple one room cabins or much more complex multi room buildings, we re always interested to talking to site owner for their ideas.

Here at Liverpool log cabin sales , we are proud to have saved one lake owner in Ireland over £60,000 on their bespoke log cabin project by simply changing some of their log cabin dimensions to avoid some very expensive local planning rules.
It is our flexibility and approachable attitude towards our buildings that leaves us miles a head of our competitors.

Bespoke Log Cabins For  Sale – Horse Stable Blocks

As Log Cabin Building manufactures Liverpool Log Cabins have the skills, experience and creativity to produce even the most unique Horse Stables imaginable.

Although some of these projects can be huge and usually take many years to complete from the initial idea to actually putting a horse inside, we fully understand this and will work with you at every stage to ensure you get the bespoke building you want, at a price you are happy to pay and within a time frame that is suitable for you.

Bespoke – Log Cabins For Sale -Sports Centre changing rooms

With the amount of Lottery grants now available, a lot of Sporting Clubs and institutions are able to apply for these grants to upgrade their existing buildings or replace/add a new building to their grounds.
In the past we have provided multi room log cabin buildings of water sports changing rooms and general security of key skis and canoes.

Bespoke – Logcabins For Sale – Schools and Day Nurseries

With the ever increasing need for extra space especial in the Private Day Nursery corner of the market it could be the most effective quick fix for extra space.
As we all know the cost of building a traditional Solid construction can be mind-blowing compared with a Bespoke Interlocking Structure.

Plus the biggest advantage is once you have obtained your Planning Permissions and any other consents you may require ! and there will be plenty of them especially when it comes to Children . Once the Building arrives in UK from our main saw Mill in Lithuania it can be fully habitable with 7 days or less depending on work required . This would take many many weeks if done in the traditional way.
Instant class rooms for special leaning needs and likes , we would like to hear from teachers and governors alike to tell us your concerns .

Liverpool Log Cabin Sales can help you

Here at Liverpool Log Cabins, we are experts at designing and manufacturing Sports Centre Changing Rooms which are bespoke to your needs and will last a lifetime. We build Changing Rooms from only the best materials around meaning occupants can enjoy these new facilities for many years to come.

Our log cabin ranges are huge

We also stock a wide variety of Log Cabins For Sale  and other Garden Buildings such as Residential Log Cabins, Garden Office, Wooden Garages, Timber Garages, Garden Studios and Garden Workshops.

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