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Frequently Asked Questions about Log cabins

Here we have answered the most common questions we get asked when buying or erecting and Interlocking Garden Logcabin . If you cannot see the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us using the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

What timber do you use?

Most of our Log Cabins are made from Siberian Spruce as this timber is slow grown and is perfectly suited to the UK climate.

All our timber is kiln dried to 15% – 18% moisture content which allows us to machine-cut to a very high standard.

Our Sheds and Workshops also use a similar timber apart from our Cedarwood range which uses Canadian Red Cedarwood.

Are your Log Cabins Treated?

All our Log Cabins are constructed from plain timber and will need to be treated within two weeks of installation. The reason for this is the logs are precision machined and will swell if not treated. By treating the timber, this prevents the logs from locking together. All our timber bearers are treated as these are not accessible after installation. We also offer a clear treatment if requested.
As part of our Premium ( Not Basic ) Erecting service we include a full choice of Timber Treatments as well as Guttering and a waterproof membrane.These thing of course you can do your self but we still offer these two options ( Basic or Premium Erecting Service)

Do your Log Cabins have timber floors?

All our Log Cabins come with 28mm timber floors for maximum durability. We believe this is essential if the Log Cabin is to last a very long time and we are the only company who offers this as standard as most of our competitors use 19mm timber floors. We feel it is so important to have a solid feel to the floor as there is nothing worse than standing on a floor and it springs every time you move.

Where does your delivery area cover?

We can deliver our Log Cabins nationwide to mainland England, Scotland and Wales for free. However, there is an additional charge for areas like Inverness, the Highlands and some more of the remote areas in Wales and Cornwall.

Sheds and Workshops are completely different. Our prices are based upon delivery within 30 miles of Liverpool. Outside of this range, an individual charge will be required for each building but this is made clear when we send you your quote. If your not sure, please contact us for more information.

Do you have an erecting/installation service?

Yes we do. All our buildings in the range from Sheds to Log Cabins have this option. It is clearly marked on our product pages what the installation charge is for that particular building.

The Interlocking Log Cabins are much more work than a sectional Shed or Workshop and this must be taken into account. If you select to have your Log Cabin delivered and then find it is beyond your capabilities, don’t panic, as we can agree on a mutual fee for our fitters to install it for you.

How long do your Log Cabins take to deliver  from the date of order?

All our Timber Workshops and Sheds are made in Liverpool and most are already in stock, however, please allow 7 – 14 days for delivery. This period may be longer during the busy months.

All our promotional Log Cabins are stocked here in our factory in Liverpool and can be delivered within 7 days.

All our other Log Cabins are made to order and can take anywhere from 4 – 6 weeks for delivery.

Our custom Bespoke Log Cabins can take anywhere up to 8 weeks for delivery.

Do I have to install the glass in the windows and doors?

All our windows and doors are pre-glazed and hung in the frames ready for installation. All windows come complete with georgian bars which can be fitted if required.

Where do you your Log Cabins come from?

Most of our Log Cabins now come from the Baltic States (Lithuania & Estonia).

The mills we use are consistent with our high standards of quality, however, we do still manufacture in the UK from our Liverpool factory.

What kind of base do I need?

A flat, solid, level base is required for any Timber Building, Log Cabin, Shed, Summer House or Timber Workshop and this can come in various forms i.e. concrete pad, concrete plinths, paved base, timber framed base, breeze blocks, decking and sleepers.

The base ideally should be at least 2 inches above the existing ground level to deter damp. Provision of damp proofing should be considered with all timber buildings but more so with a Log Cabin.

For lighter buildings such as Sheds and Workshops, these buildings do not require as strong a base compared to a Log Cabin, however, please feel free to contact us if you would like more advice.

Do your Log Cabins come in sections?

The interlocking design of our Log Cabins means that they come in individual pieces of timber ranging from approximately 28mm to 70mm thickness and upto 150mm wide – ready for immediate assembly.

The maximum individual log length we produce is 5.9m long so be prepared for some heavy lifting and handling if you are considering fitting the Log Cabin on your own.

This will not be a problem if you select our erecting service, however, we will expect you to inform us of any jobs that are more than 50 meteres from your front gate or which will include lots of steps or lifting over gates/fences or directly through your house, as an additional fee to cover time may have to be included.

Do your Log Cabins and other buildings come with roof coverings?

All our interlocking Log Cabins come complete with 19mm tongue and groove roof boards, however, they will still need a water tight finishing i.e. felt or shingles. We can provide you with these products if required.

Our Sheds and Workshops come complete with Green Mineral roofing Felt and an option to upgrade to Felt Tile shingles or a Rubber Style Sheet offering a life time of free maintenance.

The twin skin Log Cabins have complete roof sections made for the Log Cabin. Internally, they are usually a pre-made 19mm finish and externally the roofs are covered with 28mm roof boards.

What are your best Log Cabins?

We have found that more and more people are having bespoke style Log Cabins these days.

The 44mm Clockhouse Log Cabin has always been one of the best sellers seller. The most popular selling range is the 44mm Log Cabins.

The 44mm Premium Log Cabins are now the best selling building we offer because as standard you are provided with the excellent tilt and turn double glazed windows. The wood thickness is solid and offers a good level of heat retention and of course this is well within the grasps of most peoples budget.

We have over 230 different models to choose from so there should be something for even the most discerning buyer. Even then if you are struggling to select a Log Cabin, we can offer you a Bespoke Log Cabin so you get the building you have always wanted.

Will I need planning permission?

In a nutshell, not if it is under 2.5m total hight and less than 30 square meters in total floor space.

There are a number of other factors that need taking into account but go to the link on our site with planning permission and it will direct you to the Local Planning Portal Web Site.

Can you Insulate a Log Cabins?

Yes we can. We can provide the very latest “Air-Tech” for between the floor joists and when doing the roof insulation, we can either do this internally or externally depending on the level of finish you require inside your building.

If we do this internally we will cover the insulation with match boarding or ply type to give the same level of finish you would expect in one of our Log Cabins. Of course you have the option of a twin-skin/double walled Log Cabin that can be fully insulated in between the internal and external walls as well which offers seriously good thermal values and is perfect for all year round living.

How long will my Log Cabin last?

It all depends on whether you follow the care plan we give you when you purchase your Log Cabin. If you regularly treat the building every two to three years with a good quality spirit based stain or preservative, then it will last you a lifetime.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes we do. We can be found at:

Behind Mikes roofing
Dunning’s Bridge road

0151 345 6649

How ever due to massive redevelopment in the area we are being forced to relocate and as soon as we have a new location we will list it here .

What are felt roof shingles?

Felt Rood Shingles come in many designs and qualities and can be square or hex cut depending on the manufacturer.

Sometimes a small deviation in colour of the tiles occurs between tiles in the same or different packs. This is not a defect of the material and is actually designed to increase the decorative beauty of the tile roof. In order to reduce colour difference during installation of the tiles, it is recommended to mix tiles from packs at random in order to create a mixed colour effect.

In order to avoid shingles sticking to each other in a pack, they should be protected from direct sunlight and any direct heat source. Every pack should be bent and shaken before opening as this helps to separate the shingles from each other.

Each pack of bourne or hexham tiles contains 3 m2 (three square meters) of tile coverage (including overlapping) and each pack of ridge tiles contains 5 m2 of tile coverage (including overlapping).

When calculating the amount of materials needed for roofing cover, it is necessary to evaluate the quantity of tiles required depending on the complexity, degree of slope and size of the roof. Please remember to calculate extra tiles required for wastage (between 5 – 15% extra) as it is always better to have too many tiles than too few tiles. Extra spare tiles, if stored correctly, can be used to repair any areas of damage in the future.

If you have any questions about the installation process of your tiles please call to ask before starting.

Can a Log Cabin be heated?

A Log Cabin is a great addition to your garden, whether you are using it for extra space, an office, or even a gym, you will need some kind of heating during the winter months.

There are many ways you can choose to warm up your Log Cabin depending on your budget and personal preference. The level of insulation you have will also make a difference so consider adding more to make your heating more effective.

Under floor heating is a popular option for heating Log Cabins as it is effective without changing the look of your interior. This kind of heating is cost effective and easy to install as long as you consider it in advance to avoid ripping up the floor. Also, having under floor heating covered up by a carpet, especially with underlay, will vastly reduce its efficiency.

Wood flooring, lino or tiles all work well with this kind of heating but not all are suitable for certain Log Cabins so make sure you plan this in advance. Having your heat source spread under the whole floor spreads it out evenly and as heat rises you will have consistent warmth across the whole air space.

If your Log Cabin is near enough to your house, you can add a radiator or two and run them from your household central heating as the thermostatic valves will let you keep the Log Cabin at a lower temperature or even not heated it at all if it is not in use.

If this is not practical, you can consider stand alone heaters. Storage heaters are cost effective as long as you have the correct electricity tariff and there are new styles available that blend in well with many different buildings including Log Cabins.

If you only want a temporary occasional solution then an electric fan or halogen heater may suffice but these will be an expensive long term solution and only provide an area of heat rather than covering the whole of the Log Cabin.

Log burners are an attractive way of heating a Log Cabin and as long as they are installed properly, they are perfectly safe. A flue is easily added in a Log Cabin as you can take it up through the roof or out of a side wall.

Multi fuel stoves allow you to burn many materials so be sure to use well seasoned wood to get the most benefit. If you would like to be environmentally friendly, then there are companies that sell compressed sawdust and other waste materials for burning.

You can also recycle old papers and cardboard into burnable logs with a cheap tool specifically for this job (check the internet). If you are going for a stove, check what the smoke rules are in your area as you may need to use smokeless fuel which will increase the running costs.

Payment Terms

All our buildings are paid for on the following terms .

50% deposit upon placing order . This does not include and fitting charges as they are paid direct to the fitters in most cases .

We then require the outstanding 50% balance of the building cost at the time of delivery . Not after the building has been completed .

You will be paying for any fitting or base laying services separately as they do not form part of the Cabin sale as such as they are extras .

The reason for this is any number of factors beyond our control like – bad weather and the likes . So if we delivery our cabin and we have snow storm or extreme weather we can not be expected to wait until this clears .

Finance your new log cabin

We do not directly provide finance but can put you in touch with finance providers who may be able to assist . Obviously your credit rating will effect the chances of you obtaining credit , which is beyond our control.

Please do not place an order for a building until you have your finances in place.

What about any other questions I may have?

If your question has not been answered in this section, you can complete our enquiry form here and one of our specialist advisors will call you back at a time convenient for you. Alternatively, you can call us anytime on any of the following contact numbers 0151 709 0969 or 0161 408 0965.


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