Erecting Services

Log Cabin Erecting Services

We can offer a nationwide fitting service on any of our Cabin Range . Or in-fact our self employed filters can quote you to erect a Cabin purchased fro any other suppliers .

The price will depend up on a few factors , so we will need to provide a few bits of information first .

We strongly suggest you take a few images of the area you intend to site the Cabin , this will give us a much better idea of your overall situation and using our many years of experience we will usually be able to make a good estimate.

Different Types Of Cabin Base

Agin depending of factors such a the size of cabin , its intended use ( if you using it to teach dancing or Karate in ) you will need a solid concrete base . Were as for normal , general domestic use a raised timber frame base will normally be adequate. A lot will also depend on the ground conditions such as – it the ground level ? or is it sloping a lot ? these two factors alone will make a lot of difference in the amount of work involved .

Base Price Guides

Timber Frame – £40 to £60 per sq meter

Concrete slab – £60 to £80 per sq meter

More cabin base Information here


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