Corner Log Cabin 3.0m x 3.0m

Liverpool Summerhouse

Corner Log Cabin 3.0m x 3.0m

£2999 inc vat delivered
£299 Shingles
▪ wall thickness: 33 mm
▪ wall outside dimension: 300 x 300 cm (W/D)

▪ roof overhang: all around = 30 cm
▪ sidewall height: 210 cm
▪ top of the roof: 300 cm
▪ roof area: 15,00 m², slope 25 degrees
▪ wall area: 22,3 m²
▪ cubic contents: 20,0 m³
Possible options
▪ double door: 150 x 186 cm extensively glazed
▪ window: 2x 88 x 138 cm turn/turn cant
▪ segmental blend door and windows
▪ flowerbox (optional)
▪ brass Georgian bars (optional)

You require 7 shingle packages.

Possible options:
Extentions as you like, porches, canopies, fixed Georgian bars (brass) between the panes, shutters, flower boxes, …
(Options available for door and window fittings)

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