Clockhouse Wooden Log Cabins

Clock House Log Cabins

The Beauty And Durability Of Clock House Log Cabin

An innovative log cabin design that combines the beauty and durability of wood with the comfort and the features of a traditional building. Additionally, the unique design of this log cabin makes it very cost-effective and allows it to be erected in a matter of days versus months with a traditional building. The name comes from the apex above the front door which is the perfect place to put a clock.

One of the characteristic features of the Clock House Cabins is the creative use of windows. Each Clock House model has a good number of windows which allow light into the cabin and make it a sunlit haven. Clever architectural inclusion of triangular windows allows natural light from unexpected places and also adds design flair to each Clock House log cabin.

The tilt and turn windows are very user-friendly and provide yet another custom-like feature that makes the Clock House cabin so special. From the garden playhouse to the two-story deluxe home, the windows are one of the crowning features of the Clock House Cabins.

The Clock House exterior is constructed of prime Siberian Larch or kiln-dried Russian Redwood. Each tree is carefully selected to ensure it is premium. Siberian Larch and Russian Redwood are used because they will not rot and are waterproof.

The interior of the Clock House is typically done in prime pinewood, carefully selected to ensure it is well-seasoned. Pine is a gorgeous wood with beautiful grains and subtle color variations that can only be found in natural woods.

Clock House Cabin

Uses  a minimum of 44mm thickness interlocking logs. The flooring is 28mm tongue and groove seasoned pine, this provides not only beauty, but strength and durability as well. The cabins are available with insulation to make them useable year-round.
The cabins also come with double-glazed windows and the very best quality French doors, these added touches can be done without compromising the security, safety, or durability of the cabin.

The Clock House Log Cabin

is available in a wide variety of sizes which makes it the perfect choice for so many. The variety of styles available make the Clock House a great choice for schools, camps, retreats, as well as for family gatherings. From the very compact 4m x 5m which makes a perfect Garden building all the way up to the Two Story Deluxe House, there is a
Clock House Cabin
No matter what purpose or use is planned for the Clock House Log Cabin, it will certainly be up to the task. These are well-built, durable cabins that are constructed using only the highest quality materials.

The wide range of available models to choose from allows the customer to select a Clock House Cabin that will meet their requirements. This, along with the ease of installation make a Clock House Cabin a great choice for a log cabin retreat or residence.

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