Cheap Log Cabins For Sale

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cheap log cabins for sale

Cheap Log Cabins For Sale

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Cheap Log Cabins

So you are planning to join the scores of Britons living in the nation’s quietest and most contented subculture? We are talking about those people living in nice, cosy log cabin homes. You have probably noticed that the prices of custom-made log cabin packages are dramatically lower than they once were a few years ago.

In fact, many people are now considering to buy any of the cheap log cabins that are already widely available in the market.

But is the choice to buy such kind of home actually worth the difference in price for the budget conscious homeowner? Is it simply easier, more rewarding, and less of a headache to sit down and write a check so you can purchase one of the log cabins in our rather than standard houses, condos, or apartments in a real estate agent’s catalogue?

These are real head-scratching questions, and to answer them, you’ll want to get some comprehensive information from somebody with a lot of experience about log cabins. UK Log Cabins is that somebody you are looking for. Scan our catalogue to find your future abode.

There you will find unique, customisable structures that will fit your preferences and personality. In addition, we have classical designs and variations of those designs. Do not be alarmed because these variations are based on tested and proven core designs. For instance, a set of our corner log cabins could come in all sorts of customised shapes and sizes, but the quality of each will be the same.

Log Cabin Homes for Sale – Anyone?

Having a log cabin where you can spend your vacation or even permanently reside may probably the best choice one will ever make. Through fabricated kits, homeowners get to move into their timber log cabins right away.

Liverpool Log Cabins offers log cabin homes for sale as future houses in which all the services have been set up. Once you have agreed on the size and style of building you want , we can get right to the main business of your purchase. In addition, our professionals are ready to assist you in order to get your new home up and running perfectly.


If you are struggling to put together a small table with the right proportions, it would be incredibly difficult to construct entire garden log cabins in the forest, in which you have to properly cut, shape, shave, nail, and position pieces of timber.

Constructing your own logcabin does help save you money, but chances are, you will be disappointed with the result. You will want to leave it to the professionals like us to provide the structure for you. We will ensure that your cabin is well designed to withstand heavy wear and tear and the harsh elements of nature. However, if you are up to the challenge, you can build your own relatively easily since we offer various log cabin kits.

Why Purchase Your Wooden Abode with Us

That stand-alone log cabin house out in the verdant woods overlooking a tranquil lake, with smoke from the warm fireplace rising up the chimney, is very much within your grasp. We employ quality builders and offer 24/7 support service. We also offer homebuilding kits to supplement your log cabin, which are usually intended for unskilled homeowners who would like to try a hand at constructing a home.

Furthermore, free delivery of additional materials and the excellent customer service can possibly make a do-it-yourself setup easy. Professional installation of water pipes and electric wiring is extremely easy to arrange; all you have to do is to picking up the phone or request through our website. Typically, with other companies that offer log cabins for sale UK, you will only be able to buy what is already been built.

But with us, you can have your own comfortable verandas, position the best places for doors and windows, or choose the kind of roof! Tell us what you want, and we can help you build your own log cabin, from the design stage to the last coat of varnish. If designing your own cabin is not your cup of tea, you can also view a huge variety of standard, pre-designed residential log cabins for sale in our catalogue. Best of all, you can enjoy direct cheap prices that will not hurt your bank account.


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