Camping Pods

Glamping – Camping Pods

This is the new word on the garden building scene – Glamping Pods .

Pods or Cabins people use of Glamours Camping . Rather than setting up and old plastic tent and sleeping on a ground sheet , things have evolved .

Not a full on Hotel room but somewhere just that bit more committable to spend a night or two in with out suffering a bad back and getting cold .

camping pods

Modern Glamping Cabins

Most are now fully insulated for all year round use , so even the meekest of us can have the out door camping experience . You can go online and do a google search for – glamping and will find hundreds of farmers , caravan and camp sites now offering this facility .

Camping Pod Suppliers

As manufactures we have been supplying this sort of product for the last 5 years or so . The original laminated camping pods where mad win one large units fully completed that required a large wagon and Crain facilities to offload.

This very much restricted this sort of building to the commercial end of the market place for this reason .

But as with most thing in life things have moved on and we can offer a range of camping pods that can be delivered part complete , thus allowing them to be fitted in domestic surroundings as we as those with more restricted access.

Different Quality Camping Pods

Again as with all our products they are available in different qualities and as such price bands .

A true original laminated camping pod ( a premium product ) will set you back over £7500 upwards – depending on size even in to the £20,000 bracket for the larger commercial modules .

You can see very cheap low grade camping pods on sale on E Bay for £2500 but you only get what you pay for .

Cheap Camping Pods

We simply do not get involved in the lower end of the market place , the cheap Chinese and Romania copies due to structural issues and quality of materials used .

We only sell value for money camping pods and cabins , timber buildings built to a standard and not built to a price . We are happy to price match on any like for like camping cabin we consider meets our minimum standards .

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