Bull Dog Log Cabins

British Made Log Cabins

Bulldog Logcabins

Traditionally made interlocking garden log cabins made in the UK .

With as much as 90% of the UKS garden Log Cabins now being made in Northern Europe , Lithuania , Estonia  and the likes there are still a hard core of people who only want to buy British.

Keeping jobs and trades in the UK is our long term aim. The trouble is as we all know is British made products simply cost more to produce due to our over heads within the UK compare dot most of the EU.

Paying a bit more is a small price to pay we think to getting Britain back to being Great Britain again .

As a very rough guide a equivalent Cabin made in Uk will cost you 15 to 20% more than and similar size imported from Europe .

Bulldog Wooden Log Cabins

Are built to last , built to a standard and not a price as so many buildings are nowadays. If price is your only concern then this is not the page you want to be on, so check out some of our the great log cabins for sale.

The Difference

There are a number of fundamental differences between and imported and British made Log Cabin. The finish, mouldings, corner beading and the likes are the main physical things you can see. But the general construction, they way the timbers are made and machined is also fundamentally different.

To try and make it a bit more simple you could say compare the cost of a quality German made car like BMW to that of a British Made Rolls Royce! Both well made products but massive differences in quality and price.

A lot more time and effort goes into manufacturing a Bulldog Log Cabin  generally so the small amount extra it will cost will pay for it self in the long term .

We do every thing from a simple kit dropped of at your door to a complete erecting service including laying a base if needed .

Custom Made Bull Dog Log Cabins

Any size or shape made to measure to suit your individual needs , space you have available and your budget check out some of our custom made log cabins

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