Bespoke – Log Cabins

With over 35 years of practical hands on experience Liverpool Log Cabins can manufacture – supply or supply and erect any size for shape interlocking our sectional , commercial or domestic timber building you could ever need.

You are only restricted by 3 things

  • The Space you have available

  • Your Budget – Money you have or are prepared to spend

  • What the Planning Laws will allow you .

Within our range we have over 4500 what we called standard shapes , designs and sizes . So in most cases we can usually;y make small alterations to one of these buildings for you to get the ideal building.

If however you require a complete one off design – Not a problem .

We first suggest you contact us either via email –  or call 0151 324 1127 and provide us with some out line information.

Our Log Cabin Experience

Within a very short time we will be-able to work out if what you are suggesting is firstly – practical and secondly can be achieved within your budget.

There are an number of the factors that play a major part in obtaining a quote for Bespoke Log Cabin 

The base you have now ? Is it perfectly sold. level and capable of taking the weight of your new bespoke log cabin ?

Do you need a base ? If so we can can quote for this .

Simply take a few snaps ( pictures ) of what you have got now and a few of the surrounding area , then include them in your email to us .

Armed wit this information we should be ampoule to make an off site assessment and provide you with some quotes .

City Gritty

Once we have talked through some ideas and got some ball park numbers over to you and you are warming to them . It may be possible to do a site visit depending on your location and the time scale of your project .