BBQ Huts

Garden BBQ Huts

Traditional timber barbecuing huts available in a range of stock sizes.

This great looking buildings have many uses and not solely as BBQ Huts . Using the same heating system it can be converted in to an out door Sauna .

More recently we are seeing our bbq huts being used as camping ( Glamping ) huts , where the seating has been extended to form beds.

The only issue a lot of domestic users will have with this sort of building is it hight – most are well lover the 2.5m max hight permitted under local planning regs allow if you intend to site any building within 2m of any boundary on your property . The only quick solution would be to site it more than 2m from the boundary where you can go up to 3.4m tall before allaying for planning permission.


bbq huts

BBQ Huts –  Bases

It is vital to take good advice of the right sort of base for your new bbq hut.

It will require the base to be ventilated so air can be drawn up into the cabin and be vented via the internal chummily. If this is not done correctly the fire / heating device will not operate correctly and can cause serious harm to any one in the Cabin.

BBQ Cabin Kits

Although  a lot of these cabins are now mass produced and delivered as kits for self assembly , we are able to offer you a full turn key job .

We would quote you for laying a suitable vented base and erecting the new bbq cabin kit on to it , commission the stove and have it ready for you to use at your leisure .

BBQ Huts



Cut away view inside deluxe LV Cabins BBQ Hut


BBQ Hut on Decking

Basic bbq hut sited on raised decking


Red BBQ Hut

LV bbq cabin painted red with white trimmings


Double BBQ Hut

2 bbq huts joined with central entrance


Open BBQ Hut

Open plan bbq cabin


£50 / £100 Cash Back 

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