Base Laying

Log Cabin Base Laying Services

Depending on the overall size and shape of cabin you are intending to erect we can offer you guidance on the right sort of base for not only that cabin but the ground conditions you have . ( subject to you sending us some images of that area )

We offer this service on a nationwide basis with a few restrictions . Obviously carrying 2 tons of paving stones from Liverpool to London would not really work , but a raised timber frame base service is available virtually any where in the UK

Base Laying Nation Wide

This base laying service is only available to our clients who have purchased a new cabin directly from our selves and have opted to pay for the Cabin Fitting Service

A sample Utube Video of an American website fitting a gravel and timber frame base.

video showing how to lay a concrete base .

Simply we can take away all the hassle and mess of you getting involved in this part of the process. We are aware some people still like getting involved with friends and relations being builders  or keen DIY . But there are others who just want the job doing for them to save all that hassle.

If you are one of those then allow us to offer you a quote for laying a suitable base for your new garden building . What we need are some images of the area you intend to site your new cabin , so we can get a better overall idea of what we have to deal with .

We can see  if the ground is sloping or is very wet along with other factors that will effect not only what type of base we would recommend but how much it is likely to cost you .

A lot of these things can only be fully priced once on site and the work has commenced , how ever we will always provide you with an approx quote before any work is undertaken .

Competitive Base Laying Services 

Cabin Bases


Concrete Slab

Concrete Slab being laid for large garden log cabin or workshop


Raised Timber Bearers

pressure treated timber raised base using concrete blocks


Paving Flag Base

Level base made using snd base and paving flags


Gravel Base

Gravel filled base made level to surround ground


Timber Frame Base

Raised timber frame base with posts concreted into ground

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