44mm Log Cabins

44mm Log Cabins For Sale

Liverpool Logcabins are one of the Uks leading suppliers of Interlocking Log Cabin Summerhouse Kits .

The 44mm Thick Interlocking / Overlapping Logs form a strong and pleasing to the eye, alternative to traditional sectional timber buildings.

Why 44mm Logs

For a few reasons – Over the years during the time overlapping log cabins have been developing so to has the wood machining techniques !

44mm Log Cabins are the most popular Cabins

With modern semi automated wood machinery it now a speedy process to be able to handle timber logs of 44mm in thickness . So this has enabled the overall cost of machining and handling timbers of this thickness more productively.

There is a fine line between a timber being too thin to have any sort of reasonable thermo value ( to keep you warm ) and being to thick and heavy , handling and moving it adds a lot of money to the process.

So simply over many years it has become the industries most popular building – 44mm Log Cabins out sell all other buildings by far .

The compromise in having sturdy  and chunky looking structure that offers a reasonable all year round protection for those who wish to use their Logcabin more often .

Twin Skin – 44mm Log Cabins

Now these are the real thing !

2  x  44mm layers of interlocking logs that form the inside and out side of the structure , with the gap in-between being filled with insulation . A true fully insulated and robust 44mm logcabin .

Planning Compliant 44mm Logcabins

Most of the interlocking logcabins we supply / supply and erect are fully planning compliant – under 2.5m max hight . As long as you are not using the building for any sort of residential reason ! As this requires planning permission no matter where or who you are .

Our twin skin 44mm cabins are ideal for any house holder looking for either temp or permanent accommodation. Usually fully completed within 2 or 3 days .

Got gown up kids you want out the house! Rug Rats back from Uni! Friends over to stay and you don’t want them routing through your house !

A fully insulated 44mm log cabin could be the answer .

No matter what your requirements are , we will be able to get you a good strong well made interlocking log cabin style summer house  at a price that offers real value for money over all .

We will not get involved with cutting corners using low grade doors and windows as these components alone are the ones you will use every time ! They are the first and last thing any Cabin owner will use and see – don’t cut corners on these important items .

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£50 / £100 Cash Back !