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Search the Internet for log cabins for sale these days and you will be faced with a massive selection of web sites all selling log cabins of one description or another.

The word log cabins for sale is used to describe many sorts of timber buildings, the simple fact is most of these buildings are not log cabins at all!

They are actually Tongue and Groove timbers that range in thickness from 19mm up to 70mm in most cases. There is nothing log looking about these buildings at all but merely a term the industry has adopted over the last few years.

Some so called log cabin suppliers try to call a 19mm Thick T+G building a Log Cabin, the reality is they are far from being a Log cabin. 19mm Thick Log Cabins are what we would normally describe as a strong garden shed or workshop.

Cheap Log Cabins

This is another phrase we see a lot online now days. So what is a cheap log cabin? A building that has been made out of low grade materials? Thinner materials? Less materials? Let us assure you there is no rocket science involved with timber buildings. To make something cheaper or appear to be cheaper then something MUST be taken away from its construction or some add ones will be used to bump up the price again.
Do you research and always be weary of something that seams to cheap.

The vast majority of our log cabins are now made from 44mm Thick T+G interlocking boards with popular upgrades to 70mm or even twin skin.

planning compliant garden log cabins for sale

Liverpool Log Cabins supply & fitted to Manchester, Wirral, and all maninland UK, full base laying and bespoke cabins made to order

Garden Log Cabins for sale

There are a number of different uses for a log cabin, in most cases clients are looking for a substantial structure similar to a log cabin as an alternative to a summer house to place in the back garden.
The use of log cabins as an alternative to a summer house allows building to be made in a much wider selection of not only sizes but timber thicknesses.

larch cladd lodge

Liverpool log cabins have a range of over 4000 timber garden cabins both interlocking and sectional to choose from, varying in design, size and thickness of wall timbers. These Interlocking cabins are offered to you direct from our own factory and a selection of Europe’s leading manufacturers such as Logcabins LV, Lugarde, Bertsch Hozbau , Lasita and Plamako all of which have a proven track record of supplying top quality log cabins suitable for your garden or commercial use.

A large proportion of these garden log cabins are planning compliant, meaning that in most cases there will be no need to apply for planning permission. We strongly advise you to contact our office to discuss these options if you are unsure in any way. The planning guidelines are fairly straight forward but as with any Public Body, some times it cane left to interpratation of that guidance.

Twin Skin Timber Log Cabins

The twin skin log cabin is basically two cabins in one . The external building a gap and then another later of the same thickness boards you have on the outside. The gap that is then formed in the middle if filled with a selection of insulation materials depending on what level of insulation you require.
This style of construction is recommend for residential and buildings you intend to use all year round, yes they are more expensive as nearly double the materials are being used in the construction.It will save vast amounts of money on heating cost so all this needed to be weighed up in the overall picture of things.

twin skin timber sections

44mm and 28mm twin skin cabin sections cavity can be filled with insulation

Our quality and stylish cabins are designed, manufactured and supplied from our very own factories here in Uk and the Baltic’s.

View our wide range of garden log cabins we have for sale

What ever you are looking to purchase within our massive selection of log cabins for sale or our bespoke made-to-measure log cabins, we are sure to have a Timber Building to suit your needs and at a price that is affordable.

From a basic 3m x 2m garden room to the largest residential 3 or 4 bedroom log cabins, we supply and erect a massive selection.
Our friendly and informative team can offer you practical hands on advice on any matters relating to log cabins, their construction , base laying services intact any matter connected with you getting a quality interlocking or sectional log cabin.

Custom made garden log cabins

With our manufacturing unit based in Liverpool, Estonia and Lithuania we are fully flexible on sizes and designs for any garden or commercial cabin style building.
No matter what size or shape log cabin you are potentially looking for we can provide with that building at a price you will be happy with .

custom made garden log cabin

Bespoke garden cabin with Jacuzi fitted on balcony .

Glue laminated log cabins

UK winters are becoming more harsher in the Uk over the years. With this in mind we have been developing a range of glue laminated log cabins for sale.
With specially hand selected Scandinavian timbers which are cut into thiner layers , then heat glued back to gather agin to form what ever thickness planks are required , agin usually 44mm which has become one of the Uks most popular timer thicknesses.

Glue Laminated – Glulam as it is know in the trade our material of choice because of its robust reliability, longevity, structural strength and stylish finish.

All our wood materials are harvested from Eco Friendly FSC certified and responsibly managed forests which follow the full Chain of Custody standards that link together responsible production and handling.

budget planing compliant garden log cabin

Planning compliant log cabins

You need to be aware that from 2011, the new Local Planning Regulations come into force relating to what you can and more importantly what you Can Not have without obtaining Planning Permission. Basically the building will need to be under 2.5m total height, no more than 30 square meters in total size and no more than 50% of your original houses footprint.

As long as you meet the above criteria and do not intend to use the building to sleep in, then you will not need to apply for Planning Consent if you intend to site your new log cabin or any building for that matter with 2meters of any boundary on your property.

Any building you intend to sleep in or use commercial will normally require detailed palling permission , please be aware of this before you place any order.

2.5m high log cabins and garden studios

We now manufacture and sell have a full range of Planning Ready/Compliant Log Cabins that have been designed to a max height of 2.5m .
The range has now become so extensive it boasts over 900 different sizes and designs from not only our own manufacturing unit in Uk but our approved suppliers in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.
Although these planning compliant log cabins are available in a vast range of sizes and timber thicknesses we can still offer you them custom made at a little extra cost.
These custom made planning compliant log cabins offer you by far the best flexibility with out getting involved with complex planning applications.

timber frame cabin base

Need a Base for your new log cabin

This is a thing a lot of clients tend to forget about, yet is is one of the most critical parts of the whole process. No building be it a house, shed or log cabin with last without suitable foundations. If these foundations fail the the structure placed on it – your new log cabin for instance will simply not last as long a time as you would expect.
We offer a full and comprehensive base laying service, feel free to contact us even if it only a quick chat about the project we will be more than pleased to assist with free advise.

We are aware now days there is a lot of competition in every business and log cabins are no diffrent , what you need to be aware of is there IS VAST Differences in building design and quality , so you may see and image of a building and most of these images are only CAD ( computer aided Drawings) and NOT real cabins so they can do what they do with these models we see on TV – Air brush them up to look fantastic !

Be careful – not every cabin is the same, come and have a look , touch and feel then make your mind up.
We are here to help.